The mountains that host the Reserve represent one of the most interesting carbonate frameworks of the Central Apennines as they are particularly rich in karst phenomena.

Characteristic aspect of the Reserve is its morphology which in the course of the becoming of our territory has led to the constitution of particular karst formations not only underground (hypogean) but also superficial (epigeal).

The basin on which the reserve extends is in fact characterized by sinkholes (closed funnel-shaped depressions), polje (vast sinkholes of collapse), karren (furrows on the rocks), showers (large furrows), corrosion pans, sinkholes ( points on a karst surface where water penetrates or sinks into the subsoil) and resurgences (well-localized outflows of underground streams).
Thanks to the important impermeable formations, the marls and the flysch, the waters flow towards the sinkhole of the Ovito where an underground stream of about 1300 meters is generated which returns to the surface through the Risorgenza di Vena Cionca.

Near the Inghiottitoio dell’Ovito, with a similar evolutionary history, the Grotta del Cervo develops, giving rise to another splendid underground karst formation.

Grotta del Cervo: Discovered in 1984, it immediately animated enthusiasm and curiosity for its extraordinary beauty. The entrance leads into a large gallery about 400 meters long, characterized by the presence of extraordinary white concretions of various shapes and structures. It owes its importance to the discovery in its interior of the bones of a deer of considerable paleontological interest and of Roman coins of the IV-V century. A.D. and of the fifteenth century.

Perhaps due to floods or an earthquake in 1456, the opening had to become blocked and came back to light in 1984 following a study and research on the spot by the Roman Speleological Group.

Inghiottitoio dell’Ovito: The Ovito cave is an active sinkhole in which the presence of water is constant and unavoidable. The visit is carried out by equipping each visitor with waders and, thus equipped, you follow the waterway of the stream until you reach the terminal siphon lake.

Tourist visit information – Grotta del Cervo

Type of active visit: L1: easy; L2: medium
Visit length: L1: 500 m (in the cave), 1 km (approach); L2: 700 (in the cave), 1 km (approach)
Duration: L1: 2 h (1 h in the cave); L2: 4 h (3 h in the cave)
Useful information: L1 / L2: by reservation
L1 / L2: 9.30 -11.30 – 15.00 – 16.30 – L1: 12 euro adults / 8 euro reduced under 15 years; L2: 30 euros comfortable and warm clothing and trekking or sports shoes with sculpted sole. Helmet provided on site by the managers

L2: 30 euros Comfortable and warm clothing and trekking or sports shoes with sculpted soles. Helmet provided on site by the managers. (for more information see the page “Book your visit”)

Information about speleological visit Inghiottitoio dell’Ovito and Third Level (L3) Grotta del Cervo, request information directly at: 3201715968

For info and reservations: 320 1715968

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